Beyond Crafting: Creating Your Most Inspired Life.

Meet Katie: A Chat With My Virtual Assistant

March 07, 2021 Holli Mostella Season 2 Episode 3
Beyond Crafting: Creating Your Most Inspired Life.
Meet Katie: A Chat With My Virtual Assistant
Show Notes

In this week’s episode, I sat down with my AMAZING Virtual Assistant, Katie. If you’ve heard about ‘virtual assistants’ but not exactly sure what they do, what it’s like working from home or curious if YOU could potentially be a good fit in this role...then THIS episode is for YOU! 

Growing tired of the corporate job world, Katie knew she wasn’t meant for the 9 to 5 situation. Eager to be on the more creative side of things with a more flexible schedule, she joined some virtual assistant Facebook groups and landed her first few clients! Katie has now been working as a Virtual Assistant for 5 years helping bloggers, content creators, coaches + biz owners with the tasks that don’t light them up, so they can focus on the ones that do. 

Here are TEN key takeaways from my chat with Katie:

  1. Join virtual assistant Facebook groups - and don’t be afraid to reach out to potential clients! 
  2. As a virtual assistant you can do SO MANY THINGS (which is the coolest thing!) - BUT find your niche, your ideal client, + hone into that. 
  3. You make your OWN schedule as a VA - flexibility is one of the best parts about the job. 
  4. It’s okay to do a trial run with a client before committing to any specific hours or pay - use the trial run to avoid any guesswork, especially when you're first starting out.
  5. If you’re a small business owner looking for a VA - join Facebook groups! (Trust me, Facebook is the best place for VAs to find clients + clients to find VAs). 
  6. Building a base of clients was the hardest part of becoming a virtual assistant BUT reach out to people + trust that you can deliver on your promises. 
  7. On the topic of promising - Don’t make unrealistic promises to clients.
  8. When it comes to getting paid: do your research first. See what other VAs in Facebook groups are charging for similar services, Google VA salaries in your area and then work backwards toward an hourly or package rate, and most importantly know your own worth and then add tax. 
  9. A virtual assistant’s role is to amplify, not replicate, the client’s voice or brand.
  10. THE BIGGEST TAKEAWAY: Do NOT undervalue yourself. Don't feel bad for walking away from the person who doesn’t see your value. You'll be so happy that you now have the capacity to take on that perfect client. 

You’ve heard me say it many times before, I don’t know what I would do without Katie! I am SO grateful for everything she does for me. Thank you, Katie, for such good advice. If you want to get more information about being a virtual assistant, you can look into those virtual assistant Facebook groups.

And NEVER underestimate your worth. 

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